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16 October 2015

Cloud ERP… is it for you ?

Should you be switching to Cloud ERP?

Everyone’s talking about Cloud computing right now, and indeed it’s changing many aspects of our world. And when it comes to Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP – there are certainly many benefits to using the Cloud. What’s less clear though, is exactly when it’s best to switch over to a Cloud-based system, particularly if you have an existing ERP system in place. Do you dive straight in and change everything, or do it gradually over time?

First things first, though – let’s look at the benefits Cloud-based systems have over their on-premise equivalents.

To start, using a Cloud-based system means there’s no need to have servers installed on-site with your own IT team to maintain them – Cloud ERP uses off-site servers, looked after by your ERP provider’s personnel. Consequently, with no large investment in hardware, facilities and staff training, your total cost of ownership is lower – with Cloud ERP you just pay for what you use.

Likewise, it’s less costly to keep your ERP system up-to-date because your provider does it for you, bringing in upgrades as and when necessary. And with no need to build an IT infrastructure, setting up’s easier too. In fact, your ERP system can be in place across your whole business within 6 months rather than 12.

And as Cloud ERP has been designed specifically for network performance, it’s easier to sue remotely and has the best security available, with full back-up in case of disaster.

So should you switch over to Cloud ERP right away? That depends on what business you’re in as much as how your business works. If you’re in a fast-changing industry like media, banking or retail, adapting quickly is crucial – and the flexibility Cloud ERP offers could be invaluable. If you’re in a stable industry such as utilities, chemicals or the public sector, you can move over one step at a time, gradually improving elements of your business rather than all at once.

But the best way to know whether the time is right to switch is simple…just talk to us here at Inforlogic!

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