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16 October 2015

What are the benefits of moving to the cloud?

A few things to consider…

As one of the North-West’s leading ERP providers, the team here at Inforlogic often discuss with clients how to maximise the benefits of moving to the Cloud. In our experience, there are five key areas where they see the greatest improvements.

Giving the workforce more capabilities
Combining Cloud-based systems with mobile devices and new ways of collaborating has opened up all sorts of possibilities, such as:

  • Using social networking to discuss processing and transaction issues, with the results kept for future reference
  • Inputting data and expenses via a smartphone or tablet straight onto the system
  • Importing/generating Payables invoices from a simple, scanned document

Reducing the cost of infrastructure
Often highlighted but worth repeating – Cloud platforms are easier to implement, with no capital or maintenance costs for the client. With all that taken care of, it’s easier to focus on improving your business too.

Streamlined processes throughout your business
Many existing ERP systems still use manual processes for certain functions – whereas Cloud systems offer a much broader and flexible solution that can streamline many of these. For example:
One client found it currently took 6 hours to process and confirm an order, while our Cloud-based solution would reduce this to minutes
Paper invoices generated from group companies were taking one client hours and days to key in, with occasional errors. Our solution would involve invoices being emailed into the system and automatically generated, saving time and effort.

Making working life easier
Cloud solutions are highly intuitive to use, making it easier for your workforce to be more pro-active and keen to use it. Many existing systems rely on users looking for information too, wasting working time; Cloud systems are designed to push the relevant data to the people who need it. That also means action can be taken more quickly when issues occur.

Balancing cost and functionality
Adding certain functions to your existing system can be prohibitive – while a function-rich cloud solution can give you the same capabilities at a much-reduced cost and help you realise future growth plans.

These are just a few of the benefits available from moving to the Cloud. To discover how much more it can do for your business, simply get in touch with us.

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