2020: A year in review

7 January 2021

2020 a year in review

New year, new opportunities

Chris Stock looks at how the last 12 months have impacted Inforlogic’s business, and gives a glimpse of what 2021 has in store.
A year like no other, 2020 saw profound change across markets, and disparity across different sectors, all of which felt the impact of the pandemic in different ways. For us, the restrictions, combined with the fact that businesses’ vulnerabilities and risk profiles were played out in full colour, saw increased demand for digital capabilities across our core markets.

COVID has brought into sharp focus the very real risks and benefits of a modern cloud platform, and our manufacturing customers have definitely started to recognise the benefits of cloud.

Changing times

Prior to 2020 I’d say that on average, one in five might have shown interest in moving to a cloud model, while now, around three in every five are looking to move away from on premise.

This really plays into Infor’s sweet spot with its CloudSuite Industrial (CSI) (formerly SyteLine) solution delivered both on premise and in the cloud, the latter based on AWS’ world class infrastructure platform.

However, in parallel, delivering new and upgraded capabilities has not been without its challenges, with very little precedent available when it comes to remote deployments and potentially complex ERP projects.

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It's a team effort

Thanks to our talented, growing team, and an ethos focused on honesty, transparency and ultimately, delivering regardless of how difficult the journey might be, we’ve won new business and grown our reputation as a leading provider of consultancy and support to our Infor CSI customers.

Our amazing team has more than stepped up to the challenges faced, and the success we have experienced, in the face of adversity, has been down to solid teamwork, from sales through to support. We now really have a unique offering for our customers which coupled with the support and backing of Infor, results in a very compelling offer for our customers.

Testament to this is that we have seen a record number of customers looking to upgrade and continue to invest in Infor and the product, and we have taken on some of our largest projects to date in this space.

The year ahead

Continuing to build on our reputation as the go to partner in the UK for CSI consultancy therefore remains one of our primary goals as we move into 2021, as does continuing to work closely with customer business teams at the level needed by them to deliver value add consultancy.

We are also continuing to develop offerings which allow manufacturers to easily transition to the Infor cloud based on proven implementation methodologies and best practice.

2020 also saw Infor recognize us as a key growth partner in EMEA and we are currently working closely on business plans to accelerate growth in 2021 onwards. Our newly launched branding and marketing for Inforlogic supports this and is key to our growth strategy for the business going forward.

2021 looks to be another exciting, if challenging, year, and we are looking forward to helping our customers to leverage digital capabilities to be the best they can be and perform in the face of unpredictable times.

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