Our service starts with you.

Every business – including yours – is different. So while we have the specialist knowledge to help virtually any business, we start by looking at just what you need.

How do you currently work? What issues does your business, and your industry face? And where do you want your business to be?

The answers to all these questions and more will determine what sort of solution will work best for you. Which then allows our team of dedicated consultants to make the system, services and modules we provide a perfect fit for your business.

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Setting up your business system

Once we know what sort of system suits you best, we’ll look at how best to implement it. Working collaboratively with you, we’ll outline and agree on what we need to do and when.

You’ll be involved in the whole process, from start to finish, and as we're an accredited Infor partner you can be totally confident not only in your ERP system, but in the quality of its implementation.

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ERP supported by the power of Infor

Having the right comprehensive support is just as important as having the right ERP system. And Infor’s award-winning local support teams will give you just that, with the full backing of the world’s third largest ERP provider.

There are three different support plans available, to make sure you get the right level of cover for your business.

Support Plan
  • Critical Solution Notification
  • Component System Updates and Feature Packs
  • Component System Patches and Service Packs
  • Unlimited Incidents
  • Continuous Online Support
  • Telephone Access
  • Remote Access
  • Defined Incident Response
  • Priority Incident Queuing
  • Critical Incident Support
  • How to Assistance
  • Access to Online Communities
  • Recorded Briefings
Premium Support Plan
  • Includes all the feature of the Xtreme Support Plan plus the following:
  • Extended Critical Incident Support
  • Priority Plan Queuing
  • Interactive Briefings
Elite Support Plan
  • Includes all the features of the Xtreme and Xtreme Premium Support Plan plus the following:
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Support Activity Reviews
  • Early Adopter Program
  • Access to Senior Level Support and Development Resources
  • Infor Education Incentives
  • Update Planning Assistance
  • Special Events Support

Working with you and Infor’s support teams, we’ll make sure your system evolves in line with your needs.

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Compliance & validation services

With our wide-ranging experience, we can help you with compliance and validation issues no matter what ERP system you have, to make sure it meets the highest standards. These services can also be offered independently of full system implementation.

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Flexible hosting and managed services

Why create your own IT infrastructure, with expensive servers, storage, cooling systems and so on – when you can simply use ours?

All your software, data and shared resources can be stored at our extremely secure data centres (so you know your critical information is always safe). Our flexible support options stretch from helping your internal teams to hosting and managing your whole business system including applications, databases, operating systems and cloud-based services – and we’ll take care of maintaining and updating hardware and software.

It’s a much more streamlined way of working, reducing costs, minimising risks and tightening security – as well as giving you flexibility as your business grows.

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Training your team

Your teams will need to get up to speed with your new way of working. So our specialists will work with your own key personnel to make sure they have the knowledge to pass on to the rest of their staff.

In short, we’ll make sure everyone in your organisation knows how to use your new technology – and make the change process as smooth as possible.

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Unique, bespoke systems

We have the in-house expertise to not only tailor existing systems to your needs, but also create an entirely bespoke system based on Infor frameworks if necessary to meet your unique needs.
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Reviewing existing processes

You may already have an ERP system in place. But if you feel it’s not working as well as it should, or are having issues, we’ll review it for you. We’ll check it’s being used in the most effective way, suggest any improvements that can be made and help you get the most from your investment.
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Checking your existing system

Whatever type of system your business uses, ERP or not, we’ll see if we can get it working more efficiently for you. If it’s been supplied by us, we’ll also regularly check it’s improving your efficiency as it should and adjust it if necessary.

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Data Migration

With any new ERP system, data will need moving from your existing system. But we also find that a number of clients use this service independently. Our expertise in this field means we can help import or export your data quickly and effectively, even though we’re not implementing a full system.
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