Choosing the right ERP partner

28 June 2021

Choosing the Right ERP Partner

The perfect match

Chris Stock looks at how choosing the right ERP partner can ensure you maximise the value of your solution.
We’re all living and working in an increasingly digital world. More and more organisations are pursuing a strategy of digital transformation, implementing a variety of systems and solutions to help achieve their business goals.

When it comes to choosing a new ERP platform, the respective merits and capabilities of systems are typically mapped against one another in order to ensure the very best fit. But, with the pressure on to achieve rapid and tangible value through digital investments, choosing the right deployment partner can be just as important as choosing the right system, expediting the value of the software exponentially.

Opting for a partner whose team has the right skills, experience and chemistry with the project delegates can unlock new value streams, quickly identifying solutions to problems and ensuring that queries and training gaps can be addressed quickly so as not to delay momentum in getting the customer up and running as quickly as possible.

With this mind, what are the key areas for consideration when selecting the right ERP deployment partner for your business?

Expertise and experience

The right combination of experience and expertise is crucial when choosing the best ERP partner. In-depth system knowledge is key but so is experience, not only of the solution but of the particular industry in which you’re operating.

A partner with sector-specific knowledge can work alongside you to ensure that you choose the right solution to meet the particular needs of your business and a solution which provides the functionality your sector demands.

You need a partner who can take a step back, taking an objective view of your organisation but in the context of a real appreciation of the industry-specific challenges you face on a daily basis. They might even bring a greater understanding of the issues you’re facing, highlighting certain areas for development that you’re yet to consider.

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Maximise system functionality

An in-depth knowledge ensures you maximise your ERP system functionality too. Often in a hurry to get up-and-running with a new solution, businesses might not always explore the full functionality of a solution from day one.

This is where the right partner can come in, optimising your use of the available technology to ensure you derive maximum value from the system by exploiting the full potential of your solution on an ongoing basis.

They’ll know how best you can customise your implementation to deliver specific benefits, as well as tailoring reports and KPIs to deliver the information you need, when and how you want it.

The best partners will pursue a strategy of continuous improvement on your behalf too, recommending best practice and keeping you up-to-date with the latest innovations and how these can be practically applied to your business, delivering even further value from your ERP solution.

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Long-term value

You don’t only need a system that’s in it for the long-haul, but a partner who you can look to the future with too.

Flexibility is a must, in terms of system functionality, deployment options and the levels of support available. As you progress through your digital journey, you’ll need different levels of support and guidance at different times.

A good partner will work alongside you at every step of the way, offering a flexible, agile way of working, responding quickly and effectively to your changing demands.

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The human touch

It’s crucial not to underestimate the importance of a good working relationship with your ERP partner. A good fit is vital if you’re to build the truly collaborative working relationship that delivers optimum benefits.

You need a partner who’s committed to the success of your business, one that’s clear about what you want to achieve and well-placed to advise on how your systems can help you succeed.

Technology alone is no longer enough to stand you apart from the competition. By working with the right ERP partner, you can ensure your ERP solution delivers that all-important competitive advantage, optimising your use of the technology available and rapidly extrapolating maximum value from the solution.

It’s this approach to ERP that significantly boosts your ROI while securing tangible business benefits right across the board, standing you in good stead for long-term success.

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