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10 April 2022


Maximise value through the right support

Chris Stock, Inforlogic, explores why the best support is crucial in maximising the value of an ERP platform.
When it comes to an investment in an ERP platform, it’s vital not to underestimate just how important good support can be.

A software investment doesn’t end at installation. In reality, this is just the beginning, the launchpad from where you really can get going with your chosen solution, hopefully reaping the benefits you were expecting, and more.

To make sure this is the case, the right support is crucial. Without the right support, businesses can often be left to go it alone, with a helpdesk deemed to be sufficient.

However, ultimately, too little or inadequate support will lead to a great deal of downtime, delays in responses to sometimes business-critical queries, and overall system inefficiency, resulting in a negligible return on investment (ROI) in the long run.

On the flip side, the right level and type of support can ensure you optimise your systems, expediting and even boosting your expected ROI, helping you to derive maximum levels of value from your ERP platform of choice.

But what is the right support?

Many businesses opt for a dedicated support partner having found that sometimes vendor support can lack that all-important hands-on approach.

That’s not to say that all dedicated support partners are created equal, with some found lacking in key areas.

What’s needed is the right partner who can support how you use your chosen ERP platform, maximising your uptime, while delivering optimum levels of value and functionality from your solution.

In our global, digital economy, 24/7, multilingual support, on the phone and online, should come as standard, but a simple helpdesk is no longer good enough for businesses who are hoping to use their ERP platform to build real competitive advantage, helping them to fulfil their true business potential.

So, it’s crucial to know which partners can and do add significant value through their support offering.

With this in mind, what should you be looking for in a support partner?


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Dedicated expert experience

You want access to experienced, professional consultants, well-versed not only in your chosen ERP solution but with practical experience of what it’s actually like to operate in your industry.

They can understand the challenges that might be unique to your particular sector and then provide the tailored support your business needs to address these challenges.

A support function shouldn’t be a training ground for consultants, almost a rite of passage or part of the induction process before moving on to other areas of the business.

As such, you should be benefiting from a dedicated team of experienced support consultants, colleagues who won’t have to prioritise other business demands above your support requirements.

At the same time, with more organisations viewing software as more of a business utility, it’s expected to stay running, regardless.

Support teams need to be able to facilitate this uninterrupted service, able to answer the more straightforward ‘how to’ questions, while dealing with more complex, business-critical queries and problems too.

Dedicated expert experience

The right support partner will be able to tell you how to improve and enhance your user experience and how to exploit the full potential of your chosen ERP solution, in-line with your particular business requirements.

Chris Stock

Managing Director. Inforlogic

the right support

System optimisation

Where the right support partner can make a real difference is through the value it can deliver.

A good support partner will take the time to explore the full functionality of your system alongside you.

Too often, businesses are unaware of just what their ERP platform is capable of, focussing instead on its core capabilities in the rush to hit implementation deadlines.

The right support partner will be able to tell you how to improve and enhance your user experience and how to exploit the full potential of your chosen ERP solution, in-line with your particular business requirements.

System optimisation

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Collaborative working

The best, most effective support partnerships are based on smooth relationships between customer and support partner, underpinned by integrity and trust.

Support really shouldn’t be an after-thought and should be a key consideration as soon as you decide to invest in a new ERP platform.

By setting expectations from the outset, and having open and honest conversations at every step of the way, you can nurture long-term relationships with your support partner, with the team becoming a seamless extension of your in-house team.

By bringing new ideas and innovations to the table, the best support partners go far beyond standard levels of support, delivering a real value-add proposition that’s tailored to meet the individual needs of each and every customer.

With the right combination of experience, expertise and knowledge, the right support will help you to optimise your ERP solution, maximising your ROI and delivering a long-term solution that will grow and evolve alongside your business.

For more information on how the Inforlogic support team can make a real difference to your business,  get in touch or call the team on 01606 720499.

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