Fulfil your ERP potential

27 September 2021

Fulfil your ERP potential

Navigating uncertainty

Chris Stock explores how the right approach can maximise the value of your ERP investments.
The onset of COVID meant that for some organisations, long-planned-for digital initiatives were expedited, with many now keen to seize this momentum and continue to transform their businesses through digital means.

But, as we all navigate our way out of the global pandemic, uncertainty still abounds and with financial pressures still very present, many businesses are simply not in a position to invest in new systems and solutions to progress their digital transformation aims.

All is not lost, however. It’s still possible to maximise the value of existing IT investments without investing heavily in new systems.

By working with the right partner, you can ensure you’re deriving maximum ROI from your current ERP systems, achieving wider transformative digital goals without the need for costly and time-consuming digital transformation projects.

In an age where there’s no room for failure, choosing the right partner is crucial. So, what should you be looking for in the ‘right’ partner to optimise your existing ERP platform?

Experience and expertise

In-depth system knowledge is usually a given when it comes to ERP partners, but sector experience and expertise is often missing.

The right partner should have experience in your particular industry, understanding the specific challenges you face and knowing exactly which capabilities of your chosen solution you can exploit to not only derive optimum value but to meet these challenges head-on.

Additionally, the right partner is well-placed to take an objective view of your business, drawing on past experiences with other organisations in your industry, as well as their systems knowledge, to highlight what you could be doing better and how.

Partners can bring new ideas to the table, things you might not have considered before and ideas which could take your usage of your systems to the next level.

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Maximise your system potential

It’s not uncommon for businesses to cut corners when it comes to initial systems implementations, focussing on going-live on-time rather than getting to grips with the full potential of their chosen solutions.

This is again where the right partner can help, pointing out additional, previously overlooked or untapped functionality and capabilities and further customising your implementation to meet the specific needs and challenges of your business.

This shouldn’t be a one-off exercise either, with the best partners pursuing a strategy of continuous improvement on your behalf.

By constantly pushing the boundaries of what the solution can deliver, making best practice recommendations and keeping you up-to-date with innovations and how these can be applied to your business, a good partner will look to the long-term with you, maximising your investment at every step of the way.

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Support in all the right places

Ongoing solutions support is a must too. That’s not just solution fixes or updates but consultative support provided by system and industry experts who can advise on how you can adjust your solution to suit your specific needs, in-line with changing business and market demands.

This is where a solid, two-way relationship is key too, with an understanding and supportive partner who’s working hard to derive maximum value for your business, committed to helping you achieve your overarching business goals without the need for extensive investment.

Working with a partner who understands both your business and your platform can be transformative without the need for full-scale transformation, unearthing new areas and exploiting existing capabilities to boost your ROI significantly. Working together, you can achieve your digital goals, making the most of your existing systems and accelerating your overall business development.

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